Happy weekend, and I’ll let ya know if I find anything worthwhile or otherwise. These jumpers blue could be blocked if a PCI card is installed. Any suggestions, or do I just have a faulty NIC chip? My best guess is that it is a resource conflict. The driver CD contains your array of driver files, but also includes a useful system monitoring tool “PC Probe” which is very well designed and uncluttered.

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All suggestions gratefully received – especially one that works! Just registered to say I have the exact same problem as Ironbasher.

Ask a question and give support. However once installed in a case, I found that the ATX cable blocks the removable 3. The fact that yours gave a few initial twitches, together with the phenomena reported by others makes me suspect that the chip in question has some marginal characteristics.

I’m gonna try a different BIOS revision though, any chance you could check and let me know what rev you are running?

Join the community here. So if you have a videocard with a large cooler, you may end up losing the first PCI slot as a result see above image. I have reloaded XP from absolute scratch clean drives, etcbut that did not solve the problem. awus

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I would have preferred to have seen diagnostic LEDs on the motherboard or on the back panel instead. The gigabyte lan cannot be turned on or off in the bios it is activated by the jumpeer onboard ,but the Ieee device is switched in the bios.


Is the jumper on the board properly set? The downside to this BIOS however is that you sometimes need to adjust one of the eight jumpers located on the motherboard, and some of them are in awkward locations. Also a few of these jumpers are next to PCI slots which may mean they could be blocked if a card a7n8x-ee installed.

Gigabit Lan on Asus A7n8X-E not registering. – TechSpot Forums

Already have an account? These capacitors may block larger heatsinks like this Thermalright AX7. I’m not sure if this is related to the LAN problem, but I have two items in my device manager that still cannot find enough free resources to load: Have you tried these Intel drivers?

The Asus website also carries warranty information in an obvious spot here making it easier for customers to access the support they need. The rear panel features a full set of stereo connections for complete 5.

However, as I said, the issue is not sufficiently important to me to start a serious campaign to get the otherwise excellent board replaced. The only time it did slow down was when I stopped my Folding Home or when I turned on the air-conditioning.

My symptoms are exactly as stated by Ironbasher. Could that be the problem? I hope this helps at least a little with those that have posted here, and if anyone has experienced the same problem I have, please let me know if you have found ln solution. A quarter century tour; a Space Marine’s job is never done.


On my non -E this works great. I’m wondering if it’s the same with mine, but mine is just periodic, not constant.

A7N8X-E Deluxe ASUS Motherboard Mainboard Drivers Manuals BIOS

Initially specified production test routines don’t necessarily disclose all critical parametes for specific application scenarios. But even if my assumption concerning backward compatibility is wrong, why doesn’t the presence of the Marvell Gigabit controller show up somewhere?

A7nx8-e tried uninstalling this net adapter and turning off the IEEE device in the bios and also disconnected the cables from their sockets but the gigabyte lan adapter is still not being reconized by windows. Unlike the other motherboards in this review, there is no southbridge cooler, but there is a passive heatsink on the northbridge.

nForce 2 Socket A Motherboard Round-up

Asus’s support information is clearly printed on the inside of the front cover of the owner’s manual and on the driver CD. I have the same board and i am using the marvel lan, the onboard nvidia lan is disabled. Aasus, create an account now.