The rest drives and are faster: Even if the drive wasn’t the fastest one you could buy, it had some unique features that eventually made it very popular among users. All drive support fully the HS-RW writing standard: The drive makes a rather slow entry with CDR Tests – Page 2 7.

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ATAPI 20X10 resources and drivers

We did try some business cards too, but we don’t think that the Acer supports them. Lines and paragraphs break automatically.

The same principles also apply for the 20x Zone-CLV writing speed. The Acer gave the lowest average reading test result We used EAC v0.

Also included in the package was a diskette which contained an updated driver for the included OEM Nero 5. DNoise – Noise Removal.

The drive makes a rather slow entry with It supports only reading subChannel data from Audio tracks.

Acer CRW2010A CD-RW

That equals to lower noise but also lower recording speeds. Xd Acer’s new drive compete against Ricoh and Yamaha’s 20x competitor drives? You will also notice a ventilation shaft: That means possibly that the 20x writing speed has been optimized upon Acer’s media and with newer firmware updates this will be improved.


We used Ahead InCD v2. Vogone Pro – Vocal Remover. We used Nero CD Speed 0. We didn’t use it, since we used the brand new 5. CDR Tests – Page 2 7. The drive’s reading performance was the worst among the 4 tested drives.

Unknow burn phase error log – Nero & InCD – Club Myce – Knowledge is Power

You can buy with ataoi from MTU, knowing your drive will copy the lyrics and graphics. As we can see from the above graphs, the Acer has no problem reading 90min CDs.

After a suggestion atapj by the Acer tech support, we connected the drive as SLAVE and most of our problems were solved. The drive uses Zone-CLV writing strategy in order to archieve both 16x and 20x writing speeds, supports ” SeamLess-Link ” anti-coaster technology and features a smart detection mechanism to determine the inserted media quality The package supplied was the retail European version.


The drive was a June model with an initial firmware revision of vH. The results atwpi that Acer is a great performer in the Packet Writing tests. Is this the drive that will make the difference amongst 20x writing speed recorders?

We created a “DataCD” job with data slightly over 74mins Compared to the Acer drive, the Ricoh drives are about 53secs faster and the Yamaha E secs faster: Also it reports that the drive cannot read SubChannel e from Audio tracks, which is false. The Acer seems to perform reasonably and follows the Ricoh results.

Sale does not apply to upgrades Coupon Code: Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Last but not least it supports: We copied a MB file We used atwpi different brands and types of media: Using Nero CD Speed 0.