Just17 on June 23, , I’m not sure whether it’s my legendary stupidity or whether a reboot with the UFO plugged in enabled them. Please login or register. My computer did not need to install a driver, however I did have to play around with Audacity a bit to get the software to “hear” sound through the USB connection as opposed to the mic-in, but once that hurdle was overcome it works, and the sound quality is great. I get playback from the monitors, no problems there.

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Also release number bcdDevice is lower. I can only think that rebooting with the device plugged in did the trick.

oinux There were a number of issues to work through with my computer and audio equipment, but no problems at all with the UFO device. Unpack, download the software there is no included CDplug in your phonograph in my case a Dualand start recording. Still not getting any capture devices in alsamixer though, nothing in qjackctl either. Maybe the missing Pav sliders were the basic problem, and I’ve gone down the wrong route beyringer get it working.

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Luckily I did some search on Amazon. ANY poor quality is due to a loose wire or failure to ground. I don’t see anything else showing up in alsamixer besides “PCM”. I can amplify the signal in Audacity afterwards, but I’m wondering whether there’s something I’ve missed in the audio configuration at system level? Start the Audacity application and begin transferring all your precious memories from the good old vinyl discs!


Guess its just chance. From logs it is hard to deduct what exactly happened. Using the low-latency kernel from the Ubuntu repos.

Sort of nice to know that I’m not behrinter only one struggling with the 2i2. Select all 0 [ALSA ]: I’ve tested this with multiple live sessions of distros with different kernels and am now getting the same behavior with all of them Only work when I plug it in after system startup Tried so far: And for this purpose, it works great.

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Scarlett 2i2 USB [ I happened to find an another 2i2 from office, and now tested it at home. Nothing to capture audio from the inputs or anything else.

Great way to convert my LPs to digital. The card does not have any capture behrinnger if anyone runs into this in the future. Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: Apparently some peoples wireless USB mice no longer work as well.


No it doesn’t, only mic in and headphone sockets. Yet, this fixed level is well balanced and, from my Shure MeED phono cartridge, it has always swung around the dbFS.

Soundcard resources for Linux DJs

A detail which most likely doesn’t play any role here, but anyway: With pulseaudio I haven’t any experience, so I’d disabled it.

I’ve spent a couple of days looking for info linkx the web as I thought that this is probably not a PCLOS specific issue.

Achieving low latencies is not possible. It provides a USB line input to my computer which is a better input than 3. I did read all the reviews about this item and then, despite the “negative” ones, I decided that, for its price, it was worth trying. Quite disappointed with the quality of my Scarlett. Bejringer all of you out there who bought it Fancying a swim in the pond?