If inhaled, move the person to an open area for fresh air. Indicates current priority, from 1 lowest to 99 highest. Top cover release button. There are several options available to help match theprinted colours with those displayed on screen. Page 48 SchedulerThis option lets you choose whether to print your documentimmediately, or defer printing until later. Get ahead of the pack with th

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If inhaled, move the person to an open area for fresh air. Up to x dpi Memory: Close the top cover. Follow any regulations, recommendations, etc. Then this extremely powerful, versatile and user-friendly color multifunction system with duplex unit d8600 network priinter is certainly a good choi Up to x dpi Print Drivers: When a colour page isdetected the printer slows down to 26ppmfor the rest of that job.

Holding the complete assembly by its top centre, lower itinto place in the printer, locating the pegs at each end intotheir slots in the sides of the printer cavity.

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Do you value high speeds, modern security features and flexible media handling up to A3? Whether stand-alone or as a part of your extended fleet, the Xerox VersaLink B Multifunction Printer takes your team to new levels of productivity becoming true workplace assistants.


Exit method is limited by paper size, media weight andpaper feed. Long-Edge Binding prints pages that read like a normal book. Don’t priinter a manual you are looking for? Remove the paper tray from the printer.

Gently shake the new cartridge from end to end severaltimes to loosen and distribute the toner evenly inside thecartridge. The printer driver analyses anyphotographic images and processes them to improve theoverall appearance. This option requires the most printer memory andtakes the longest to print. Log in Not signed in yet? This utility is a priner and easy program for designing banners, business cards, labels and other specialized documents. We use cookies to improve your experience. Repeat this removal procedure for each of the remainingimage drum units.

This setting cannot be used togetherwith the ProQ print quality setting.

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Up topages Printer language: PagesChoose whether to print all the pages of your document or just asection of it. Select Save As Default from the Settings drop-downmenu.


The list above is neither conclusive nor exhaustive. Note the positions of the four cartridges. Are you an end user or business customer? If you do spill any toner powder, lightly brush it off. Put simply, the reason for our continued success is due to our commitment to achieve the following: PrintThis option allows you to choose whether to print only oddor even numbered pages.

Oki C : Colour Laser Printer USer’s Guide

This can be useful if printing on pdinter. Remove the new fuser from its packaging and remove thetransit material. Cover pageChoosing a cover page may help you to identify your printeddocument in a large pile of paper.

Dispose of the old cartridge responsibly, inside the pack that thenew one came in.