If the ID does not match that of the reception machine, an error code will be displayed. Paper leading edge sensor delay jam for multi-feeder pick-up In the case of multi-feeder pick-up, if paper has not arrived at the leading edge sensor PS after approx. Shading correction In this operation, the scanning lamp light irradiates the white reference plate, refer to Figure and the volume of that reflected light is digitized by the analog image processing assembly. Is the trouble resolved when new Paper condition 2 paper is used? Output the DTMF signal from the modem through the telephone line connection terminal and the speaker. Be sure not to touch or open the light-blocking shutter. Is the trouble resolved when the cassette size sensing switch is replaced?

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TONE Rx Echo correction settings SW No. Used when changing the senders name. NO Connect it properly.

Indicates setting is 0. Therefore the main motor is forced to rotate causing the sheet to be delivered out of the machine. Pick-up level Cassette feeder first level Cassette feeder second-level Cassette feeder third-level Timer count time Approx. Address Error completion 1: Then the machine will go into standby after the memory clear report is output.

  BJC4200 BJC-4200 DRIVER

Service mode menu list After every five hundredth copy, the length of time the pressure roller rotates is extended. Check that the copied image and the original document positioning matches.

The structure of the main drive unit is depicted below. Please take sufficient care when storing and handling the cartridge. Is the pick-up roller rotating? Choose a location where the machine will sit level g.

Canon GP160 Toner Cartridge Black 1500A003AA

Detection and jam judgement is done by both these timings. Is the trouble resolved when the registration clutch CL is replaced?

When the timer is set to other than 32 minutes, refer to the following page and set the appropriate time. This mode is for factory use only. It gp106 controls the AE.

Is the prescribed voltage being supplied between J and J? There are two service-use print patterns.

Data in the user data memory management will not be cleared. After the toner inside the cartridge has been leveled evenly, set the cartridge in the copier. Work details 6 While holding the knob, slowly pull the tape go160. Version number, checksum, etc. Receives in memory and designates the printing of reception documents. Standard paper size classification SW No. If that does not resolve the problem, replace the pick-up roller.


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Is Canon recommended paper being used? If it is not possible to replace this thermoswitch, or if the switch has tripped because the temperature does not return to normal, eliminate the cause of the temperature increase, and then replace the image processor PCB.

Reading condition settings SW No. Furthermore, the bias output to the primary charging roller of this unit changes depending on the print resolution dpi equivalent or dpi equivalent.

Operation The gp16 for detecting whether or not there is a cartridge, and the volume of toner in canoj cartridge, is shown in the diagram below.