The yardage increase from the straight and draw never have had before this club is huge. Took it out on the range and had a problem slicing it. It was difficult to tell center contact, because every hit felt pretty much the same. So far, I’m glad that I did. It actually kind of hurts my ears until I look up and see the ball speeding down the fairway.

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I thought you were dead!?!

It minimizes cut sidespin substantially. Notify me of new posts by email.

After many rounds, my enthusiasm for this combo has not diminished and I am still generally hitting very long and straight drives. Contact Us info intheholegolf. Turned mine back in to the shop. The XL corrected many of the deficiencies found in the original. I was hitting the xls straighter and it looked slightly longer, but it was getting dark so I couldn’t see very well.

Last week I drove the green on a par-4 yds! I must say it feels great to be able to hit the ball this good. Posted 29 May – To each their own though. Wanna get rid of this ugly yellow box? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts hiboore email. Posted 25 March – Swapped out the Red and put in an old Epic and love the 3 wood as well.


Hopefully I can carry over the range success to the hlbore thing — on the course! Posted 17 June – To my surprise, I hit more fairways than I ever have before. If you are interested in this club I would check out Golf Galaxy.

It’s quite loud, but it’s hard not to like a club this long and straight.

Cleveland Hi Bore XLS Tour Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – 32 reviews –

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I took it to the range tonight and hit it pretty well, a friend of mine was there and I was hitting my xls as well as his tm burner. I have an XL Driver, Simply put, Distance Driven Geometry moves weight low and back in the clubhead. Flight was a bit high so I bought a XL 8. CG4 irons and CG11 wedges. If you suffer with a slice like I do, this may be the club for you. Tried all the newest stuff out there on the launch monitor and the Hi Bore XLS was showing the best results for me.


I also had periodic trouble in the form of a pronounced slice, even with the draw model Recently purchased a HiBore XLS This is one good driver.

I switched from the Hibore XLS 9. Flat black and sloped crown.

Today’s Golfer

For me the “traditional” looking driver heads don’t help me enough with alignment and Hbore realize this is all in my head but it is what I am thinking at address hiboteand the totally square heads play mind games with me and make me think too much about club head alignment instead of just relaxing and taking a good swing. Gives me the ability to work the ball both ways and hit it high or low as well. I hit it pretty well on the launch monitor. This is just a great driver.