No one insulted him. Chuck talked about himself, Nate, and the group of friends they surrounded themselves with. Georgina rose from the bed, casting aside the sheets, and pulled her Ralph Lauren dress over her head. I’ll pick you up at eight? After pouring Georgina a drink, Chuck brought his own scotch to his lips and settled for small talk, slowly moving closer to the girl seated on the barstool.

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Chuck leaned forward onto his desk, an eyebrow michale and focused on the new girl at the front of the room. Recovery was taking longer than expected.

I’ll be leaving now. He had a reputation to protect, not that the words of the obviously crazy girl standing in front of him meant anything.

I’ll pick you up at eight? Mcihael, he’d kissed girls. He nodded, taking it in, finding himself more and more attracted to the mystery behind the girl. The girl nodded, cracked a small smile and stepped over to the empty seat, her Prada Linea Rossa heels clicking softly on the tile floor.

Chuck’s hands shook as he gently pulled down the underwear, bringing it down her legs and then casting it amongst the heap of clohes on the floor. So you’re out of luck man. Chuck clumsily set his glass down on the counter, bringing his hand down to hold her as their lips crashed on eachother’s.


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Since when do u not think a grl is hot? They spent the ride with small talk, him asking her what Washington was like, her asking him about life in the Upper East Side– a life that now was her own. A suggestion, Georgina promptly accepted with a smile. She raised a hand to his cheek, “Well She chuckled, “Money buys everything Chuck A distraught expression broke out across Chuck’s face as he looked from the pills to Georgina, and then back at the pills. The driver opened the door, and Chuck escorted Georgina inside and the limo took off down the street.

Michqel In All Stories: Monday morning found Chuck standing with Blair and Nate avidly discussing Blair’s mothers upcoming Valentine’s Day soiree.

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She gave a little chuckle and brushed past him towards the door, leaving Chuck standing there staring at the empty back of his classroom. The kissing intensified, causing Michxel breath to hasten, a building tension growing in his boxers. But this scenario seemed different, an almost-entirely naked, mysterious new girl sitting on his bed She smiled, circling her drink around watching it swish in the glass.


He approached her, rutye again making eye contact. Chuck looked away, his curiousity aroused by the new arrival. He said we could join in on the hold-em game he’s having tonight. A good investment, in Chuck’s opinion. The man spoke quietly with Mr. Chuck broke out into a small grin again, after texting his reply to Nate, he returned to staring at the straight-haired jacket clad back of the new girl.

Even for Chuck Bass.

He turned his head on the pillow to face a naked Georgina, who returned the stare. She gave the girl a warm smile, extending michafl gloved hand.

Chuck phone vibrated back at him. And the drinking began 2. Clothes were shed, cast aside casually on the floor, leaving Chuck clad only in his boxers and Georgina in her Chantelles.